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TRINKETE BORDA: Authentic Basque cuisine, in a setting of tradition and tranquility

At Trinkete Borda Barbecue Grill of Irún, a restaurant specialized in barbecued meats and fish, you can taste some of the finest and most traditional flavors, with a personal signature.

Authentic Basque cuisine, just steps away from the picturesque coastal town of Hondarribia and the French border. Only 20Km far from the capital city of Guipúzcoa, Donostia – San Sebastian.

At Trinkete Borda, you will be treated to the best barbecue grill run by many times awarded top griller Iñaki Hernández. His grills and the highest quality meat and fish over embers provide an experience not to be missed.

The Wagyu  beef comes from grass-fed cattle that are raised in the “pastures of Hondarribia,” and looked after with the greatest care and dedication. This makes Trinkete Borda Barbecue Grill leaders in meat in the Basque Country: Wagyu  steak is the most exquisite delicacy.