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TRINKETE BORDA: Authentic Basque cuisine, in a setting of tradition and tranquility

In full nature, but a stone’s throw away from the centre of Irun, at Trinkete Borda Barbecue Grill, we offer our customers a wide variety of seasonal dishes, in a very quiet and warm environment, where a friendly atmosphere prevails.

 Housed in an 18th century building, Trinkete Borda Barbecue Grill has belonged to Aramburu family for over 50 years. The building was fully renovated in 1989, and for more than 20 years, it has steadily grown its client base and won gastronomy awards.

 Trinkete Borda Barbecue Grill owes its name to the “trinkete”, or Basque Pelota court, founded in 1959. At the “trinkete”, our customers can watch Basque Pelota matches, and our changing rooms are available for those who want to enjoy playing this beautiful sport. What better way of building up an appetite than a good Pelota game just before going into our dining room to indulge yourself with the most exquisite dishes.

 Trinkete Borda barbecue grill boasts several dining rooms each sitting 25 people. These comfortable, welcoming rooms make an ideal venue for corporate meals, family meals and gatherings with friends. It also features an outdoor terrace that accommodates around 50 people.



The best atmosphere in a setting of peace, tranquility and nature.

Since Trinkete Borda Barbeque Grill is located in a privileged setting, we enjoy being surrounded by nature all year round. Our vegetable garden provides quiet spaces for thinking and reflection, and our country house, together with our Basque Pelota court, is the perfect venue for all kinds of special events and celebrations.